Robert Stoddard composed his first carol in 1972. Inspired by Alfred Burt, he later made it a tradition to compose a Christmas song for his yearly Christmas card. Now there are over 20 carols.

All carols are free for download for private use. Please ask permission for performance.



  1. Okay – but this is NOT enough. I want piano tracks I can listen to, dang it. I’ve known you for a thousand years and never once have I anticipated your chord progressions. I want to hear how these are supposed to sound, not how they sound when I hunt and peck through them. YOU NEED TO COME IN TO THE STUDIO.

  2. I’m with Krissy D. Go to the studio! I’ve known you for 998 years and you are still a mystery when you write. I know when I hear a song that it’s yours, but I want to hear piano chords and would actually prefer your voice on the disc. Let’s get a CD, dad-gum-it.
    So beautiful as always, Bob Scott. Thank you for continuing to make these wonderful memories. We shall all be forever grateful to D’Ann for her fabulous and inspirational influence in your life. Love you both! VD

  3. I’ve known you, Stodds, forever..well almost, and I agree a recording with YOUR voice would be splendid for one and all. That–and a real life reunion of Walk-ons–might just make the best Christmas event ever (in my life-time…) Now if I could only locate that CD you made with John some years back….

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