Christmas 2010

December 22, 2010

Dear Blog Readers,

I humbly announce the song for Holiday 2010! The dedication is to Amaree Cluff and my daughter, Leigh, who have been encouraging me at gunpoint to write my own musical version of Little Women. As devotees of the novel might recall, the book opens at Christmas, and because I always work in chronological order, this was one of the first songs written. Because the lyrics were story-specific, I adapted them for this carol. I hope you enjoy the jaunty pace and humorous but sincere tone of the song!

Fans of the carols might be interested to know that the music for “The Christmas House,” my carol from 2003, was also originally composed as incidental music for a play adaptation of Little Women. Hmm, I can’t seem to escape Orchard House!

Happy Holidays!

The Stoddards

Robert, D’Ann and Leigh

Old-Fashioned Holiday 2010
NOTE: This was revised 12/18/10 and is now the official version.)



  1. So, I see that someone came to my place via this one. Was it ya’ll? Because I don’t see any way anybody else would find me, at least not from this point. I want to know – is that your house? How did you do the snow? Why didn’t you tell me this was here? WHAT A GREAT IDEA Leigh had – and I know she can get things out of you that other people can’t. whoop-eee!

  2. Robert, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. This music will fill my home this year. Thank you for letting me find you again.

  3. Robert, I love the new carol. I agree with Krissy D though about the piano track. I’m making a lovely music book, but just me and my clarinet don’t do the music enough justice. You need to get in the studio and make a CD. I need piano and Stoddard vocals! We are ever grateful to D’Ann and Leigh for the loving inspiration they are to you. Each year you continue to bless us with your talent and each year my heart is uplifted. I can always tell a Bob Scott song when I hear it, and you are constantly amazing. Here’s an RC and lime to you! Merry Christmas! Love, VD

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