The Carols

December 17, 2010

Below are PDF’s of all 27 carols. These were revised and standardize in December 2010, so please consider these to be the definitive versions. They’re available for you to download provided that you understand that permission must be granted for use in performance.

The Tiniest Star 1972

Glory 1973

Baby Jesus 1974

Of A Dark Night 1975

How Far to Bethlehem 1976

The Caroling Song 1977

What About Jesus 1983

I Cradle You Close 1984

Looking Across the Manger 1985

Spell of Noel 1986

Ornaments 1988

A Simple Carol 1993

December Tale 1996

One Gift 1997

Angels on Christmas 1998

Find Him 1999

Carved to See Him 2000

Christmas Snow 2001

Friends 2002

The Christmas House 2003

Would You Go 2004

Home Again 2005

Another Christmas 2006

One December Day 2007

The Day Christ Was Born 2008

Joseph’s Christmas 2009

Old-Fashioned Holiday 2010



  1. My favorites of the “old” carols:

    How Far to Bethlehem
    The Caroling Song
    I Cradle You Close (for obvious reasons)

    –Your daughter (in disguise)

  2. Wonderful to be able to both read and hear your carols. Brings back so many happy memories of days gone by in Provo! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for continuing this beautiful tradition.

    Much Love!

    MJ (Cunningham) Bakove

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